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VALUE FOR YOUTH DECISIONLife is full of decisions, decisions of all kinds, from which we wake up until bedtime at night. We decided from the clothes we will, the foods we eat and the times that we take for everything on the day. We decided we simply everything we do for good or bad it is.
God endowed us all with the ability to decide for ourselves what, unfortunately most times decide poorly, left lead so at first glance it seems better or more comfortable.
There are moments in life where we feel that even though we can not stop doing what causes us so much pain. We think that we can not stop that brings such shame that, we believe that it is almost impossible not to do, feel or think about it the only thing that brings our life is sadness and frustration.
The last days God has been speaking to my heart, telling me and making me feel that there are things in our life that can be resolved as single decision.
And sometimes spent weeks, months and even years, praying for God to help us in certain area, when in fact the answer is to reach a decision.
Sometimes we want God to be who forcibly remove us what we do not like or that improves strength areas we ashamed of our lives, when in fact a solid decision might be able to achieve better results.
There's something we have to be clear, is the fact that the help of God will always be on our side, sometimes the only thing missing is you decide to stop doing that or you decide to be completely faithful to God .
There is a man who gives us this example, a man who quotes the Bible and emphasizes that decision I make, this is Daniel, the Bible says: "But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the portion of the king's meat , nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the chief of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself "Daniel 1:8.
The Bible emphasizes that Daniel "purposed in his heart" not contaminated, ie decided. The same verse in the Current Language Translation version says: "Daniel decided not to eat or drink as well as the king, because for him it was a sin. So Ashpenaz asked not force them to sin or to him or his friends, eating these foods ".
You realize as a firm decision can bring great results?, Sometimes our victory is at the distance of a firm decision.
When I speak of a decision not speak of those who are accustomed to take and do not respect, such as: "Today we shall begin to pray more" and simply do not, or "From this day read the Bible more" and neither you hold.
Speak to make firm decisions, to be convinced that God is with you and that you took the decision God giving you strength and help you because you will see how you will go out of that hole he has fallen many times.
Sometimes we ask God's intervention both in our problems, when in fact God has already told you that is with you, that all you need is the courage to make the decision that you and you said and repeated through many means you have to take and you have not because you wanted or just not afraid to spend it.
When God is constantly pushing to make a decision, however difficult they may seem the results of this: take it!, Because if it is he who is insisting you is because He will be with you throughout the process, only Have courage!
If you are honest with yourself, you will recognize that there are many things in your life that could change if so just having a firm decision to do so, then what are you waiting for, why you are suffering with the same thing, where if you were only able to decide to say NO MORE! and begin to be faithful to God would begin to see better results?
You know of what I speak, there are things that are not going to solve only with prayers or congregarte all meetings you can. Some things can not be addressed through one hundred wept before God you do or throw you to the ground on his knees begging for help. The help of God is in your life, God himself promised to be with you every day of your life, so you can not doubt for a moment that God is on your side, all you need to follow God is helping you decide to start being faithful to him and when the time of trial comes he will help you say no to that that much pain, frustration and tears caused you.
Today is a day that you record in your mind that there are things in your life that you decide just need to begin to see extraordinary results of which until now you had been deprived by the simple fact that you decided not FIRMLY what wanted to do.
Have courage!, No area in your life that you can beat, no hidden habit that you can not stop practicing, there is no bondage that God can not deliver, the question is: Would you be free?, Then decides to firm start stop that the only thing that is disappointment because of you before God.
I'm sure you know very well that the day you make a firm decision to stop doing that, that day God began to give incredible strength that will help you withstand all you can feel, and that is that God rewards the courage of wanting be faithful to Him, God will see welcome your intention and effort you will do to keep the decision to be faithful, then as a result your life will begin to be different and do many things God started in you.
Go for it and begins to be faithful to God, no matter what!"For God is working in you and gives them the desire and power to do what pleases him." Philippians 2:13 (New Living Translation)
Hasty decisionsEveryday life is full of all kinds of decisions, from which we regard as important, until we consider paramount. The question is: What kind of decisions are taking?, Right??,? Wrong? And if the decisions you were not right, those decisions were accidentally Not hasty?
We all make choices every day, from simple decisions such as: What clothes I wear today?, To important decisions that determine our present and future.
Can you now you're about to make a decision that will greatly affect the way you live, you may feel a little depressed or in fear, as the decision to make is very delicate.
What to do to make a good decision?First: Relax and rest in God. Now that you know God and have made the Lord of your life, you have to learn to depend on Him have to understand that now he plays an important part in your decision making. Resting in God is that feeling of peace that leads me to understand that my life is in your hands. It appears that tranquility that although the situation is very difficult, but my trust in God to act I will be calm in any situation that arises. Before you make a good decision you have to relax, relax, but above all trust that God will guide you to make the best decision.
Second: Reflect well on the results you can get. Then you're relaxed and trusting in God, think about the decision that you make, reflects on the fact that if that decision is supported by the Word of God or if it goes against what God says in His Word (" is a lamp to my feet to your word, and a light unto my path. "RV1960 Psalm 119:105). Meditate on the results that this decision can bring. Think of all the "pro" and "against". Never make a decision when you are angry, or when emotions are close to the surface, because such decisions are rarely good. The best way to make decisions is when the head is cold, when there are no emotions in between and when it has reflected very well on what is to be done.
Third: Do not rush, take your time. Obviously there will have to make decisions quickly, perhaps in minutes, but the big decisions we almost always take more time. If something will help you make a good decision is having meditated for a while before drinking. Sometimes there's no rush, but sometimes hurried things do not go as we wanted.
Fourth: Trust God because He will. If you rested early on and trusted in God that He would help, but mostly did things right, according to His Word and fairly, then just trust God to work in your favor, should they so desire.
Some decisions also need support from some councilors the Bible tells us: "So, do not go to war without wise counsel, victory depends on many counselors have" Proverbs 24:6 (New Living Translation). And also in this other passage: "When lack of counsel, plans fail, when many advisers they succeed" Proverbs 15:22 (New International Version).
The Bible invites us to rely on God for things not going well: "Put your life in your hands, trust in him, and he will act on your behalf" Psalms 37:5 (current language translation).
Best of all is that God himself has given us a promise in which we must trust: "The Lord says," I will instruct you and I will show you the way you should go, I will counsel you and watch over you "Psalm 32 : 8 (New International Version).
Do not rush to take decisions which then repent, it is better to take decisions to be guided and supported by God, because those decisions will bring good results.
If these days you have to make a decision, remember not to do while you feel angry or upset, do not make decisions guided by the emotions of the moment, but relax and rest in God, reflects very well on what you do, do not rush and take your time, but mostly relies on God for that decision is correct and bring joy to your life rather than sadness.
The best decisions we can make, are those in which we let God guide us!
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