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UP A NEW LEVEL OF FAITH2 Corinthians 4:7-13
IntroductionI think this is a day to walk in faith dimension different from what we've been doing, it's time to walk in the great promises of God for the tremendous things that He has promised.
1. When you believe God determines
a) Most of the time, we move in a natural world, without being aware of the spiritual world, in the spiritual world, operate certain principles, certain laws, so today we'll talk about the Faith, you see, all truth is parallel, for example: The faster, faster, in the natural world, is the light, light travels at 360,000 miles per second, it's amazing, that's as fast as they exist in the physical and natural world.
b) But in the spiritual world, we move in the world of thoughts, ie we can with the thoughts, do things very quickly, but we live in a physical world, walking very slowly, for example: In the world spiritual, you can view his victory, seeing everything done, but for which the natural world, the elements, people, things, resources, move to that end, you will have to put a lot of defense in spirit, because in the spirit world, you move fast.
c) By faith you confess, believe, viewed, but to carry it out and realize their victory in the natural world, is different, because often the slow moving things in the natural world, challenges our faith, in thought, is fast, and you think that's it, but the point is that the natural, is finally bowed to the spiritual, and you know what, that's all the fight of faith, why ? because you won the battle, when they believed in, the other is a mere formality, when you received it as a belief in spirit, you're done.
d) Jesus one day, spoke to the fig tree and said, Be dry! Something that Jesus was dry, however, Pedro need 24 hrs. see the fig tree dried up and just believe, is why Paul says that the gospel is this: I believed, therefore I spoke, so when you believe and confess, that's when it becomes real.
e) When you believe and receive the word of God and receive God, and he gave it, but take some time, continue to believe in God, because his whole world, everything around him was finally going to break that word Faith hugged you and you took it and you believed the Lord, so take heart and persevere, because the natural world is moving very slow.
f) One day Jesus said to Peter: Peter, Satan has asked to sift you like wheat, but I have prayed that your faith may not fail, the word shake is supine or supine, which means: to challenge, in other words, Peter, Satan has asked to challenge you, you begin to be challenged by all the cruelty of darkness, when you determine to believe God, you put yourself in the line of battle, Peter took a word and then Jesus said to Peter; Satan has asked to sift you, that is to challenge you.
g) So if you are going to raise in this world, to say that you have a great God, if you will get up to say that what you have is better than what we have the people on the street and you has an almighty God, if you will get up to say that you walk down the rhema word of God and that the word rhema you have, is best of all, you will be challenged and tested, because of that word, Jesus said: I gave my word and the world has hated.
h) What does the word confess? The word confession means that just as God says in front of a given circumstance, is to align our words with the word of God, for example: When someone close to us gets sick, what you or I do is stand on the word for : I declare healthy.
i) For the word of God says that by His stripes we were healed, then you get up to declare the word, and his word align with the word of God and simply states the same thing, that is the confession of faith, the word Standardize ie the same as God says, about something specific.
j) If you are going through a difficult time now, God has a word about it and when you align your talk, and align the word with the word of God and begin speaking the same as God speaks concerning their circumstances, circumstances are to change in favor of the one who declares the word of faith, and that's Faith
2. Faith is never separated from the talk
a) Whenever the disciples said to Jesus, Lord, give us faith, or increase our faith, He taught them nothing unusual, nothing mystical, but simply taught them to speak faith, faith has to do with what you say Jesus said: If thine Faith as a mustard seed you Udiríais Mount smudging and obey you, Talking to the mountain?
b) Now, I know it's not wise to speak to the mountain, not rational talk to a fig tree, the word says that Jesus said to the sea, Peace, be still, how many of you have spoken to the sea? Would not that crazy, but faith, speaks to the sea, to the problems, circumstances.
c) Paul says: I believed, therefore I spoke, then everything is all about Faith, when you go to the doctor because everything hurts, the doctor first thing he says is, put out his tongue, why? For by the tongue the doctor can know what is happening, when you want to know someone's spiritual health, let alone speak, in five minutes you will know if that man or woman is a person of faith or is an unbeliever, or you have in your heart.
d) Faith and unbelief are built of words when you are incredulous disbelief you talk, when you have faith, you talk Faith, Jesus always taught his disciples to speak, the Bible says that one day Jesus rebuked the winds and the sea, and said, Peace, be still, this is amazing, speaking Fe, is most potent.
e) There are many people that is rolled into a problem and all the time talking about the same, then the problem remains alive and always brings it back to the stage, when you get into that attitude, the problem grows and comes over you as a giant armed and takes creativity, the ability to dream and the response capacity, and you becomes a victim of the problem.
f) Why? Because disbelief is made of words, and Fe is made of words, when you talk Fe, speaks of the solution and of victory, instead of talking about the problem, you just do, is take the stage and set the problem victory sir, you see, today the disease is stress century.
g) Stress is a psychological disease that destroys your body and creativity, there are many people on medical leave for stress, people who work in it and meet goals, if you have a marriage problem, or whatever You must continue to work, continue to meet goals, keep paying debts, keep producing, or life does not stop because you have marital problems, family, economic, must remain the same though.
h) And you're like a wounded lion, has tremendous drama at home but has to continue producing and all that is producing stress, this word does not appear in the Bible, but we would say it is anxiety, the frustration of feeling that exceeded our capacity problems, which we have no answer, we are like a mouse in the claws of a cat, life do what you want with us, and we have nothing in control.
i) And that makes us feel bad and think that finally we were not created for that, and we think we overcame life because we have no answer or solution, but let me tell you something that God revealed to me and I want compartírselo to you, if you not aware of something and not even know it existed, then it affects you, look interesting, so the Lord says: Focus!, Moses endured as seeing him who is invisible. Focus on God!
j) The other thing is this: What causes stress and wear, not events, nor are the facts, but the importance you give to things, when you come to the Lord does not have to change your life but the perception of it, people wearing not the events or experiences, but the importance that you give, the whole Bible says: Focus on God! Think of it! Meditate on his word! Speak the word!, Do not let anything distract you from the word.
k) Even in the Old Testament says: Write it on your forehead, on the lintels of the houses, medítalas day and night, and says you should bow your ear to my sayings, and keep them in your heart, repeat, ponder, if you the problem could be out of focus and focus on God, in solution, stress, anguish, emotional wear quickly disappear from your life.L) God is the answer, when we focus on the word, fear disappears, which destroys you and what is undermining their strength, are not the problems, not the experiences or events that happen, but the value you assign to that, not the problem itself, but how you see it, because the way you see the problem, that is the real problem.
3. We were created to win and not to lose
a) There are people who spend months destroying himself for a situation that is not so bad, if I told you, check your watch, we will put exactly at 22:00 hrs. accurate because at 22:10 I will be sending an electric shock, not a minute before or a minute later, my question is would be less suffering? If true Why? Because as you know it!
b) Notice how we react, if you say: I know, I have to face something that comes, I know I will have a crisis, or this will happen to me, or I will take the job, etc.. That is exactly the period that destroys you, maybe never put out of work, maybe nothing ever happens, maybe never come to that which has worn you.
c) Therefore the Lord says, Let yourself that!, Focus on the word!, Rest in God, God is in control! Moses says that the king had the threat but he endured as seeing him who is invisible or focused, not the problem but the solution. How do you feel when something fails?, When we lose Why do we feel so bad when we lose? Because we were not created to lose, it is natural to lose, we were created to win.
d) When you lose, you feel like going back in life, you feel bad why feel bad? Because you are not in the wild, but when you win it feels good, when you have a victory feels good why? Because you were created for success, was set to win.
e) If you had a Katanga, a car with old seats and leaving it goes everywhere on foot. How would you feel? Wrong, say this crap car anytime I will set fire and I'll burn, but if you get on a zero Km Full equipped with air conditioning, how does it feel? Or when you see a beautiful house, beautiful, with kitchen, bath with yacuzi garden, you say: wow the dream of my life, you respond to that.
f) Now, how do you like the house?, why he likes the nice car, 'cause you were created for that, but if you live in a house that is more inside than outside it rains, you have to be fighting with mice, the neighborhood is full of criminals, which has no amenities, fry in hot heat and cold weather freezes a house bad, ugly that when you get in there says: can not stand this house ! Why you, internally responds poorly to that? Because it was not created for that.
g) You were created for good, for victory, for blessing and for the win, so speak positively, stop saying I'm old, I did not study, I can not achieve, I have no contacts, no contacts? ? God is your best contact, I have no knowledge if any man lack wisdom let him ask of God and He will give you plenty, I have no resources, my God shall supply all you need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus , is that no one knows me, God knows your phone number, knows where you live, your e-mail knows God knows everything and He will connect you to the celestial satellite, from which all blessings come.
h) A person in the Bible was Tomas, Tomas Remember? If not put my finger on it, do not think that is, I have to stick my finger and touch the sore for me to believe that the Lord rose, that's why God brought rapid Tomas Bible. Do you know any book of the Bible is called as Tomas? Epistle? Tomas? Check your Bible, the Gospel of Thomas does not exist. Whew!
i) Tomas was when Jesus walked on water, it's amazing how you can be full of glory in one place and not do anything for his bad attitude, Tomas saw the Lord to walk on the waves, saw when multiplied the loaves and fishes and twelve baskets full left over, Tomas was there when Jesus raised a dead four days, Tomas, but their unbelief and bad attitude left him offstage people of Faith
j) You see, (Saul), Paul always thought Jesus was a liar, he was a trickster, swindler, even set about exterminating the sect of Christians, got letters and documents of powerful people to root out the the road named for him with a mind Judaizing Christians were a sect outlawed, but at one point, Jesus appears road to Damascus and Paul changes his attitude.
k) It was so big change in your life, that Paul was not in the resurrection of Lazarus, was not there when Jesus walked on water, he said I never saw Jesus in the flesh, but Paul's attitude was so different to Tomas Jesus said: In that I want to write to me half the Bible, Paul wrote fourteen epistles, including the book of Romans, really amazing, and Tomas, no.
L) año1400 In our era, a Franciscan monk named Martin Luther, with a single verse of Paul, brought a global reform, is the attitude you have towards life, not the problems, not the people, not is the country, not her husband, not his wife, not the pastor, you are, whatever you want men to do to you to make them yourself, or you with your attitude determines your success or aborts success.
Ll) But remember this: To move to another level of faith you must change your attitude, you have been designed by God for success and victory, refuse to live below that from now on, the odds are not as important if You do not give much value, because in this new level of faith where God wants to introduce, all things are possible, and you can make it!

Preached by him in LermaVictor R. Pr Preciado Balderrama
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