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Mark 4:35 - That day when evening came, he said to his disciples, Let us cross to the other side.INTRODUCTION. -Every day and every hour we are faced with situations where we have to make decisions, and not always taken as quickly, because sometimes there is hesitation to undertake something, because they arise that suggest many options to choose the best solution , getting repeatedly postponed for days, months and even years, to the point that there are instances where life takes and never have made decisions about any matter in which he thought certain part of existence, and only is the memory of what once wanted to finish.
Unfortunately, we have been brought up with the culture of "tomorrow" and is very common to hear, and what we practice it in the morning when it comes to doing something, and so many things have happened and morning to take stock of life we will find with surprise that we spent countless, saturated morning, they were never present, but only in future remained unrealized, and an endless future.
Many years ago, when there was an amnesty for the United States, talking to a Gringo, I said something impressive, that marked me for life, because I always think of that phrase: "Oh, in Mexico, everything is tomorrow '
Now is not easy to change those traditions, especially when you have a full appreciation of the harmfulness of this habit, and to make straight the way a wise decision is required, that is what we will discuss today, and for that I end this sermon divided into 4 parts can be seen below:
1) a (2Tim.3: 16)Bringing the word of God to this, we find in this verse, the Lord invited us to go to the other side. The Lord Jesus Christ came to earth, and we found on the side of sin, of tradition, of human customs, and now he wants to accompany him to pass by the new life, repentance, love and salvation. It is optional for us to follow the Lord in this calling us, to which we have three options, which are what we will be looking at this time.
"Everything changed, requires a willingness to do so,And consistent discipline to stay in "Rom 12:2 "Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good God, pleasing and perfect will."Deu 30:19 "For the call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed" .Always find life in similar situations, and we commonly observe some normal aspects of human nature, but they are the ones who make the difference in people, and make some succeed while others fail too but after a while more prolonged effort, and others who have a conformist position and are known by the name of the lot.To understand this, we will rely on a simple example and as we come from a city trenera introduce a train, the train will call for change. So to keep the train moving or relocation needs someone to drive, and that someone here is the engine (machine), or pulling the wagons. This locomotive represents people who initiate and promote change1.But there are others who simply get on the tren2, and then, without being generators of change, since it involved are mobilized, although he favors another movement, which is the locomotive, or generators that change, called leaders.And there is a third group 3, which are those that do not ride the train, but they see it happen, and they stay in the same place. These are the indifferent, conformists, not change their attention.
So take three examples are:1 - GENERATOR CHANGE, Jesus Christ who calls us out of the side on which we find ourselves, and become our leader.2 - PASSENGER TRAIN. Those who choose to accept the call of Jesus, and is up to him to go to the other side.3 - Those who do not get on the train, who are those left thinking about it later, or you definitely do not accept the invitation of Jesus Christ.Then we will analyze these three types of people:
2) reject the invitationAs mentioned before, these are people who spend their time thinking if they take or do not take the decision to accept Jesus Christ's call to the other side, which usually becomes indefinitely, which is to reject.This means that:
a) - decided to stay SIDE OF TRADITIONAnd then continue in the practice of those things that came from generation to generation, many of them not being true to the word of God, because there are many Christians with harmful traditions.Luke 9:62. - "Jesus answered: No one who looks back after putting his hand to the plow is fit for the kingdom of God."
b) - decided to stay SIDE OF DECEITAnd keep practicing hypocrisy, insincerity with others and with himself.The Greeks had a word for this: hupokritos, and has passed into Spanish with a sound like hypocrisy, and with the same sense: Playing a role, acting not pretending what is and is not felt.
c) - decided to stay SIDE OF THE LIE.And keep practicing lies, so to look good to men.Before I was born again, I told lies, and lies were thought as small, had no effect on me. For example I told my wife when called: "If it's for me, tell them I'm not." Then I realized that lying insignificant it may seem, is serious, because God says it abhors lying lips.Proverbs 12:22 a. - The Lord detests lying lips.Many people use so-called pious lies, and even justify saying: "The Lord understands"
d) - decided to stay SIDE idolatry.And bow before images, or have people or things in the first trust in God.There are people who feel insecure if they do not have the amulet, with the image, or the man-made element that have given supernatural powers who have not. There are also Christians who are always saying is that my pastor said ... instead of saying it is written.
God has said that the first commandment IS"LOVE GOD ABOVE ALL THINGS".
But some people in front of God have parents, their pastors, their children, their work, their possessions, their amulets, their omens.

e-SIDE decided to stay mistrust.And they think that God does not listen to them, because they have no answer to your prayers.
f-SIDE decided to stay pessimism.And they think that God is not capable of doing things that seem impossible.
g-decided to stay SIDE OF SADNESS.And often feel sad and often without explanation.
h-SIDE decided to stay FEAR.And still feel fear for the present life, for the future, for health, for economic solvency, for the children, for the family, etc.
III-KEEP AWAY FROM JESUSFollow by far the Lord has grave consequences, as we shall see:
to-deny Christ.As Peter fell into the odious sin of denying Christ, we can also fall.Some people being in a social gathering, are pleased to hear dirty jokes and vulgar, and not dare to leave.
b-is easy to fall into sin.When followed Jesus from a distance, easily falls into sin.
c-LOSS OF PEACE AND JOY.Although Christians can follow Jesus from afar, openly without falling into sin, can not do so without losing the spiritual blessing.IV-go in the same boat with Jesus. -
This is the best decision, the word of God presents an example of an immediate decision, and found in the story of Zacchaeus, who was a tax collector, who went immediately to the call of Jesus. (Luke 19:2, 5, 8)
The opportunities should be exploited in the present time, because there are always repeated, if it is not be lost forever. The time can not be returned, so the minutes that have passed, they can not be re-experience or live.
The decision to follow Jesus Christ, does not guarantee that there will be no storms, it will come anyway, but we do guarantee is that Christ will be in the same boat with us, how good it brings its presence in these storms to calm and reach the other side, just as he did this time with the disciples.
We must remember that God has no preference for anyone, because everyone loves us equally, but what makes the difference is if you have close friends, as we saw in the case of John, called the beloved disciple, not that I did not love to others, but for the intimacy he had with Jesus Christ.
That intimacy we can find us, and gladly receive the Lord. You only need to do what he has commanded and obey him in everything.
John 15:14. - You are my friends if you do what I command.This decision also ensures:
Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.
CONCLUSION:How long will you be between two roads? ...Laziness and cowardice always give an excuse, but the Lord says that today is the right day to make a momentous decision, leaving behind the traditions, fears, attachment to worldly goods, lying, selfishness, and finally all that burden that prevents addressing the same boat with the Lord.
You need to let the weight of this burden, because it impedes for the new journey, and it is not needed, because the other side will have lasting and better things.
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