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IdolatryToday the screams, jumps and noise of the Music in the Church has nothing to do with the true revival, they are just SCREAMS Idolatry ..... I want to start by saying this afternoon that Moses a man of deep faith. He was not like his brother Aaron. But the Lord's faithfulness had deeply rooted in his heart ..Aaron, however, could speak and had the ability to keep the people happy. Aaron was a business man of words but can the people away from God's ways. But Moses was faithful, was a man of his word;
The Golden Calf. Éx.32 ,1-6The town was certainly confusing to hear that the calf was a god and worshiping God made party.Moses led the people never confuse the invisible God and true with a picture. 7 God said to Moses, "Go down! Because it has perverted your people, whom you brought out of Egypt. 8 have departed from the way I had been prescribed. They have made a molten calf, and have worshiped it, and have sacrificed have said: This is your God "Exo 32:17 Joshua heard the people shouting, he said to Moses, a noise of war in the camp ..REVIVAL IS NOT MEASURED BY THE NUMBER OF SCREAMS OR JUMPS .... BUT THAT LOVES a repentant heart.We want a revival of the holy presence of the Lord, where things are pleasing to God if we KNOW THE TRUE AVIMIENTO have to go to the Book of Nehemiah42.360 Jews returning to Jerusalem from Babylon, to live in holiness and to true worship. The output of Babylon is the type of output dead churches believers, lukewarm and worldly to go with a holy remnant, and return to the old paths with people and pastors who walk in the truth.Thus began REVIVALNeh 2:2 The king said: Why is your face sad? thou art not sick. This is sorrow of heart. 3 And the king said: Why did not my countenance be sad, when the city, my parents, lies waste, and its gates have been destroyed by fire? 4 Me King said: What do you request? V-5 I want to go to the city of my parents, and reedificarla.V-6 well. What happens? Is that my king I know nothing .. GET THE CALLS7 add some letters to the governors beyond the river, to let me go until I get to Jerusalem, 8 and a letter to Asaph the keeper of the king's forest, to give me timber to make beams for the gates of the palace of the house, and the wall of the city, and the house that I will occupy. And the king granted me.There will always be obstaclesNeh 2:10 Sanballat and Tobiah the servant, the Ammonite, it grieved them exceedingly that there was come a man to seek the welfare of the children of Israel came to Jerusalem in December .... I arose in the night, I and some few men with me I got to go .... 13 ... to the dung gate, and viewed the walls of Jerusalem which were broken down, and the gates thereof were consumed with fire. There was no place where to spend.
BROKEN told fellow ....... 17 Ye see the distress that we are, Jerusalem lies waste, and its gates are burned with fire: come, and let us build, and we are no more a reproach. How long will we be turned into rubble? This holy remnant rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and worked in unity to remove the garbage and filth that had defiled Jerusalem. They rebuilt the crumbling walls and doors up. That we are doing Apostolic Jesus Name. We are removing the trash that others have accumulated garbage from false doctrines of materialism, corruption, warmth in the pulpit and in the pews. We are rebuilding what others destroyed. We are working together to restore walls, doors, windows. God has gathered a remnant who have escaped from Babylon and are with me to start in this country and the world the restoration of holiness, truth, oneness and sound doctrine.It was not easy19 But the Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem Arabic, were mocked us and despised us, saying, What is this that ye do?20 And in response I said: The God of heaven, he will prosper, and we his servants will arise and build .... ye have no portion, nor right, nor memorial in my town. The speech Chap.3 each family, did his part: Eliashib with his brother priests, built the Sheep Gate. There is a list of families and humble and simple men who worked on the restoration .... but: Neh 3:5 but its great not provided to assist the work of the Lord. No matter what others do not do anything, but your work, do the work will not be easy ..... ..... Neh 4:2 What do these feeble Jews? Rise from the dust heaps of stones that are burned? ... BUT ...... AHHHHHAA Neh 4:6 So built we the wall, and all the wall was joined for the people had a mind to work.Revival is a fervent desire to work, fight and obey the Word of the Lord."And all the people gathered as one man into the street that was before the water gate, And Ezra the scribe stood upon a pulpit of wood that had been made for it, and beside him stood Mattithiah, Shema, Anaiah , Uriah, Hilkiah and Maaseiah his right hand and his left hand, Pedaiah, Mishael, Malchijah, Hashum, Hashbadana, Zechariah and Meshullam. and when he opened the book, all the people stood up "(Nehemiah 8:1-5).Messages in a church that has shaken aviamiento its members and makes Sanballat and Tobiah squirm upon hearing the word of God. A Church with the Holy Spirit does not need any evangelist estrella.está saying. The church as in the days of Nehemiah does not surrender at the feet of a man but lvoz of the word of God.CORNELIUS PETER IN HOUSE: Ac. 10:25 When Peter entered, Cornelius met him, and fell at his feet and worshiped him. 26 But Peter took him up, saying, Arise, I myself also am a man. Generates idolatry: spiritual blindness, today there is a strong tendency to idolatry filling the dark church.Hence the Apostle Peter says that "we have the prophetic word to which we do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place" 2nd Ped.1-19The idolatry makes the believer forget God ... Today the call idols: leaders, and in many churches there is a hidden spirit of idolatry.These idols are embedded in the hearts of people. "You shall have no other gods before me" Idolatry is a grave sin against the First Commandment (hey Mr. Israel is our One): Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength Dt 6 : 5 But God will take care of itself down those idols.The Bible says that the Fools, the arrogant and those who believe are unique creatures who worship before the creator. Rom.1 :18-25. But they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools. A true revival church has only one worthy pays worship ... Jesus Christ. "Jesus said: Go, Satan, it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and serve him only." (Mat.4: 10)."Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is spirit, and those who worship Him in spirit and in truth must worship "(John 4:22-24).CONCLUSION: "And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil." (Jn 3:19).Look no large gatherings or crowds, seek God. All that is outside of God ... it's just golden calf and all worships be cast out of the presence of the Lord.

Preached by him in LermaVictor R. Pr Preciado Balderrama
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