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1Timothy 3:1 true saying, If a man desire the bishopric, desires a good work.
Being ordained is a decision that can change your life by giving personal satisfaction and a mission to fulfill God. It is a commitment to preach the gospel and minister to humanity in the name of the Church of Christ.

Being ordered to direct authorizes religious services, officiate the ceremonies of the Christian religion including weddings and funerals, and to celebrate the church ordinances like baptism and Holy Communion. In short, you can grow your Christian ministry as God directs.
Ordination allows you to use a formal title before his name as pastor. You will be worthy of respect and consideration that it is customary to give ministers of religious organizations.

Ordination by an orderly process:
Sorting is done in a responsible and planned process. Then list the minimum requirements to meet the individual needs, according to the rules and discipline of the church, to be considered for ordination and be selected or elected as a minister of the gospel.

Ordination mark only the beginning of a process of education, training and discipleship in pastoral theology to prepare individuals to
1) conduct religious services,
2) hold the priestly functions / pastoral, and
3) administer the ordinances according to the practices and beliefs of the church.

1. The candidate has to give an understandable and convincing testimony of his conversion to Christ. This explanation has to outline a progression from the state "lost in sin" to a condition of "saved by grace" through faith in Jesus Christ. You have to identify a moment of conviction, repentance and decision, and give evidence of new life in Christ.
2. The candidate has to give an understandable and convincing testimony of his calling to the ministry. This explanation must refer to have received the Holy Spirit's direction and supported by life experiences confirming the call to ministry. The candidate must demonstrate a serious and thoughtful consideration of the responsibility required to fulfill the ministry.
3. The candidate has to give a coherent explanation and informed the ministry that God has called. The appeal has to be one of the ministries that the church or denomination can support in principle and practice. Common are Ministries pastor, Christian counselor, Christian educator, evangelist, missionary, chaplain or musician.
4. The candidate must have received a preparation and experience in the work, to know how to preach, officiate at special events and celebrate the ordinances of the church.
You must also have a provision for further schooling for the ministry, studying the Word of God and Christian literature valuable he really be prepared in all aspects of the ministry.

The church or denomination understands that the recruitment of men and women in the ministry is a great institutional responsibility, and should make every effort to preserve the noble intentions of its candidates, thus continuing discipling and developing the talents of each individual call serve.

Professional ethics dictate that each member of the clergy recognize the ordination of his companions in ministry.
It is God who makes the call to ministry and church that gives the commission.
Who are we to doubt God and the decision of a church?
However, can anyone doubt his credentials.
Take criticism with grace, because we do not live in a perfect world.
It is unfortunate that there is lack of communication between some churches, and that there are jealousy and rivalries denominational clergy.

All clergy ordained should respect their peers in ministry and have with them a spirit of cooperation recognizing that all serve the same God and his kingdom.
There will be times when you need to demonstrate their "card" identifying themselves as ordained clergy.
Have identification on hand to enter public institutions such as hospitals and prisons.
However, it is customary to present their credentials each time you visit another ministry or church. Present your credentials without being asked has two problems.

1) He seems to be struggling to prove he is a legitimate cleric, and that attitude right questions its ministerial and
2) you can look like a neophyte because nobody has been interested in that church. All serve God and the public should not give preference to one over another because it comes from such a church or not.

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