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Lerma, Sunday, July 21, 2013
Introduction:Prayer in the time of Jesus had become a source of pride, conceit, rather than the expression of a humble needy. Pray well became an legalistic symbol of social rank. When you faithfully followed the religious system, it led him to public exhibitionism and ostentation, no matter in this case the site or location. The prayer had lost its value, had degenerated, was in ruins, was being openly exploited by a group of hypocrites who closed the door to heaven. It was impossible to be achieved by the common man. This explains the strong condemnation as the Lord does in his extraordinary "Sermon on the Mount" on the so manipulated subject of prayer, to teach about prayer contrasts the Pharisees with the real, warning that it is the only one who can get to be served by the Father. Proposition: "All Christians should pray in such a way that pleases God," What is the type of prayer that pleases the Father? In the passage in Matthew 6: 5-15 Jesus teaches us about two kinds of prayer, one that pleases God and one who does not like for nothing. What kinds of sentences are these?
I. THE FIRST IS WHEN YOU PRAY TO BE SEEN BY MEN1. This kind of prayer was condemned by the Lord for three things:A) FAVOURITE PLACE:(1) "They prayed standing in the synagogues" seeking prominence, distinction, or posted to them. In the synagogue, where pious Jews gathered, did not seek a place unnoticed but they stood in the central place and there prayed to be seen. Example: the prayer of the Pharisee in Luke. 18: 11(2) "They prayed standing on street corners" in the sight of all. Note that not only praying in the streets, instead traveled by many people, but seeking the corners or crowded intersections, suggesting that, as the time came for prayer (the pious Jews had to pray for him least three times a day) in the synagogue, and were "so spiritual" that they had to pray in the street with a twist.(3) The Lord knows the intentions of the heart, which qualifies him as wicked and deceitful (Jer. 17: 9-10)
B) THE TECHNIQUE(1) To touch or impress people: "To be seen by men." This is like talking to someone, but suddenly raises his voice, making an upright position as pride, so that all people who are about to see and hear what he is saying, getting one to feel slighted by such action . Note: You can say that one is praying to God as an excuse, but in reality it does, to be heard by men. The word of God says that the Pharisees prayed to himself (Luke 18: 11)(2) Drill: There are some tremendous players when praying. Some try to impress by pretending to be the more spiritual they can, but the performance ends when his prayer And then what?

(3) Its purpose: trying to pretend that they were so fervent that could not wait. "I pray because I can not lose another minute, it's time". Too bad intention entertained by the hypocrites were to be seen as any actor yearns to be seen and if possible steal all the applause.
C) YOUR INTENTION(1) What they had in mind and wanted was only the applause of men. Note the contrast found in a former converted Pharisee (Col. 3: 22b-24) "... not only when their eye is on you please men, but with sincerity of heart, fearing God. 23And whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men; 24sabiendo that the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance, for ye serve the Lord Christ "(2) Jesus has called them hypocrites, phonies ie, not act genuinely, but disguised to look like another kind of person.(3) A judgment or opinion was already established for them: the Lord says that already had its sole reward (the admiration of men), and that no future reward was more for them.(4) They forgot that the Lord never reward or reward the proud, however the resist (James 4: 6)
Two. This should be a strong warning for us today. There are three negative aspects of which would do well to take care of:a) If there is an example in the Bible, we should not imitate in terms of prayer is this. Let us watch for not having a vestige of "likeness"b) When a prayer is made to profit themselves, this kind of prayer is full of subtle selfishness, should then go on alert light! And carefully examine our motivation.c) us determine to please God and not try to impress men. We should seek the approval of God and not the applause of men. Let us watch our style of prayer, taking special care undue emphasis on what we say and how we say it before others
Three. The Lord is not condemning the prayer that is made in public, as he prayed in public: Note the following passages in both testaments: a) In the Old Testament (2 Chronicles 6:14-42, Neh. 9; Acts . 4:24-31, Mt 11:25, Jn 11:41, 27:35) What we must avoid is the spirit in which these Pharisees they did: "To be seen ..."
April. The kind of prayer that the Pharisees did marriages resembles that appear to be very good, in that public, which to many would be like them. The absurdity is that when they are alone, they can not speak to each other, much less look face to face. They can not talk, because there is a gulf that separates them. In the end you end up realizing that everything "was all a sham, were acting". Nothing can prove our reality better than being face to face with God, alone with our Father, so Jesus mentions another kind of prayer to get to be heard by God. Teacher education leads to a contrast, if the first kind of prayer is to be seen of men:

1. The Lord teaches us other very different to the previous sentence, but that is pleasing to the Father: "Go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father who is in secret"A) THIS TYPE OF PRAYER IS BASED:(1) the need for dialogue with a child with his Father: "Our Father ..."(2) the need to imitate Jesus in his prayer life (Mark 1: 35)(3) the need to meet the demands of the Word in terms of prayer (Eph. 6: 18, 1 Thess. 5: 17; 1Ti. 2: 9)
B) AND DECLARES AS FOLLOWS:(1) Changing the corners of the streets, praying in the private room.(2) Changing the be seen of men, to meet secretly with his Father.
C) THE REWARDS OF PRAYING CORRECTLY: "And your Father who sees in secret will reward you"(1) We are heard by God, but that is done in secret and quietly(2) is taken into account by the intention of the heart (Ps. 37: 4)(3) Therefore, in advance and the Lord is knowing and serving our needs (Matt. 6: 32)
Two. In the prayer which pleases the Father must consider two fundamental corrections. They are:(1) The vain repetitions:(A) The Lord condemns the mechanical repetition of prayers. Pagan religions had this kind of practice, trying to tire out their gods with endless prayers. The Pharisees formulated such prayers. Today there is also this type of sentences in some groups that call themselves Christians. The Pharisees were like the Gentiles in this (Mark 12: 40)(B) But I must point out that Scripture does not condemn the "insistence on prayer and the prayers that could be categorized as long". Note the following passages: (2 Chron 6:14-22, Neh. 9, Psalms 18, 89, 119, Mt 26:44, Lk. 22:44; Lk. 6: 12; 2 Cor. 12: 7 -8)
(2) The pedantry or bombast:(A) This is the usual sentence likes "also heard". That you think that by their many words will be served. There was a widespread belief at the time that the gods need many words to understand their demands and were induced to respond. We must talk to our Father as the pagans pray to their false gods, there should be a total difference.(B) Understand that the Lord does not condemn the "pray hard", but the "talk". Many prominent and fervent prayers in Scripture are brief and concise, eg (Ex. 32:21,32 1 Kings 3:6-9, 1 Kings 18:36, 37; 2 Kings 19:14-19 , 1 Cr 4:10, Lk. 18:13; Lk. 23:42, Acts. 7:60) In Nehemiah's a great example for its brevity in prayer, but it was a lot of prayer (Nehemiah 4:4 , 5; 5:19; 6:9, 13:14, 29, 31).

Three. In the prayer which pleases the Father's commandment not to become like them, does not mean at all the "stop praying":a) While God does not need many words to inform you of any situation, because nothing is unknown. That does not teach us that we should not pray. God Himself commands us to pray (Ps. 81:10; Matthew 7:7, 8; Jn. 15:7).b) Prayer is not for God to report believer needs, but to make it clear awareness of them and show a humble dependence on God (Rom. 8: 15)
April. The prayer that pleases the Father, is the one that is done according to a model. Note that it is "a model". Not to be repeated many times as idle talk, because it would contradict the Lord (Matthew 6:7). The Lord did not set here a command to repeat the words, and it does not say "with the words" but "in this way".
May. The prayer that pleases the Father is a model that consists of three parts:a) The invocation of his name (Matthew 6:9) The priority in prayer has to do with the glory and purpose of God.
(1) Prayer should be addressed to the Father, he should be the center of our lives, we must place it in the right place.(2) The believer is in a father-son relationship (John 1: 12)
b) Requests (Matthew 6:9-13)(1) Related to God.(A) The sanctification of His name (v. 9).(B) The coming of His kingdom (v. 10).(C) The fulfillment of His will (v. 10).
(2) Related to the human.(A) The daily provision (v. 11).(B) The need for forgiveness (v. 12).(C) The irreplaceable protection (v. 13).
c) The doxology: We ended up giving recognition and praise of his greatness(1) God can answer with grandeur and magnificence: "Yours is the kingdom(2) Our Father is Almighty God therefore "There is nothing impossible to him": "Thine is the power"(3) Requests and their nominations to lead all his glory: "Yours is the Glory"(4) To confirm everything that has been said in prayer we say, "Amen"
June. The prayer that pleases the Father is saturated forgivenessa) The inability to forgive is an obstacle to prayerb) The greatness forgiving offense received, according to a clear channel for the sentence to be considered.c) Make sure not to store anything against anyone (Matthew 6:14-15)d) Have a clear conscience. Remember the words of the Psalmist (Psalm 66:18) To answer should make sure you are well with others, at least as dependent.
July. Therefore, the prayer that pleases God was never created to make us feel guilty, it was not intended as a verbal competition only for some candidates, as a way of speaking key to certain anointed or as a public display of piety. The prayer taught by Jesus was spontaneous and realistic, practical communication with the Father, which is then transformed into absolute confidence and peace of mind like no other.
CONCLUSION:Prayer was designed by the Father to find satisfaction with the communication achieved and consequently be free from the dreadful anxiety. Listen to Paul from prison in Rome (Phil. 4: 6-7) "Do not be anxious about anything, but pray about everything. Present your needs to God and then do not stop to thank you for your answers. By doing this you will know what is the peace of God, which is extraordinarily wonderful than the human mind can never understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your heart in the stillness and repose faith in Jesus Christ, "How important is prayer!
How often we miss to enjoy prayer because we pay more attention to the packaging and the actual content. We believe more in the time that we should pray that true communication, I should just end when we are satisfied, it should never be defined by a simple clock. We have become so heavy load because of tax models for advertising, you really are an exception to the rule, that we miss the appeal of the sentence, the Master wants to teach us that it should be as normal as the dialogue between father and son. When the Lord tried to correct the issue of prayer did intentionally contrasting the teaching given by the hypocritical Pharisees, which made it so hard, so heavy and repellent that many were missing the great benefit of having permanent hearing our wonderful Father . I encourage you to start again. Form your own habits with their own time. Renew worn jargon, change the empty language one that you know, understand and makes sense to you. But most of all learn to enjoy it, because our Father enjoys and likes to talk to us.
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