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YES, if we believe in the Virgin Mary

Lerma, June 27, 2012
YES, if we believe in the Virgin Mary
One question that often make one is, "Do you believe in the Virgin Mary?" Sometimes I responded, "Yes, we think of such a degree that we try to obey the biblical mandate only. She ordered that efforts be made to what Jesus said." But what actually does the Bible say about it?
The main passages that refer to Mary are: (Luke 1-2, 8:19-21, 11:27-28, Matthew 1-2, 12:16-50, John 2:1-11, 19:25 - 27, Mark 3:20-21, 31-35, Acts 1:14 and Galatians 4:4). The apostolic writers use the name of Mary 21 times, more than half of them occurs in Luke 1-2 (12 times) while the Gospel of John does not mention by name even once.
We find something similar in relation to the name "virgin" appears three times, once in Matthew 1:23 quoting the prophecy (Isaiah 7:14) and twice in (Luke 1:27) in the same verse.All three are references to it before the birth of Jesus, and not called her a virgin after the birth. Not once is called "wife" of Joseph. Mary refers to herself as a "servant," twice, and the angel Gabriel calls "highly favored."
The name most commonly used to refer to it is "mother" appears thirty-three times. Matthew and John use it ten times each, and Lucas also ten times in the first and second chapters. Almost always the reference is to "mother" or "your mother," because people talk about the mother of Jesus to him or about her.
Three times the sacred text says explicitly "Mother of Jesus" (John 2:1, 3, Acts 1:14) and once the "mother of the Lord" (Luke 1:43).In none of the thirty-three times appears the name "mother" in the mouth of Jesus. In the Gospels Jesus always the expression used was "woman" (John 2:4, 19:26) and the apostle John mentions these two times.In total there are eight references to her as "woman", and is the only way to use the apostle Paul, the writer of the earliest texts of the New Testament (Galatians 4:4).
THESE ARE THE ONLY FORMS indisputableTo refer to it in the New Testament are:1. - MOTHER (33 times),2. - MARY (21 times),3. - WOMEN (8 times) and4. - VIRGIN (3 times)5. - Servant or slave (2 times) and6. - Highly favored O full of grace (1 time).
No other biblical title to her after the birth of Jesus and not mentioned the birth of Mary. Mary's name is the Greek form of "Miriam", which in Hebrew can mean "strong."In total there are about sixty-eight (68) references to it in the New Testament, and the main referral form - almost 50 percent of the time - is that of mother.
EVEN major messianic prophecies that mention (Isaiah 7:14, Micah 5:2-4, Genesis 3:15), they do in relation to the birth of a special child who would be a king or ruler just peace. His maternal relationship with your child gives his mother his main importance in the biblical writings. She was the mother of the Son of God.
In the Gospels, as Mark, probably the first to be written, has four references to it, once and three times as Mary as mother, while John, the last to be written, does not use his name not once, but refers to it ten times as mother and two as a woman.The other two Gospels are the ones with the vast majority of references to it, and are the ones with the stories of Jesus' childhood.Of the two, Luke shows a special interest in it (and the participation of other women), because Mary was probably the main source of these children's stories of Jesus.Graphically, mentioned only a meeting of Jesus with his mother during his public ministry while John mentions two other occasions and in each case it is subject to the will of SON.
It is very remarkable that the apostles primarily relate as mother of Jesus, the sovereign grace and selected it for this purpose. GAVE LIFE TO HUMANS we call our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
PERSONAL was the instrument of God to accomplish the incarnation (John 1:14), the Word became flesh in it. As a mother sees the humanity of Jesus and also of its divine origin.This motherhood of Mary is what indicates its importance in the gospel and gives a privilege exalted and blessed favored over other human beings.So Elizabeth proclaimed, "Blessed are you among women" (Lu 1:42).
The scenes of the life of this mother pilgrimage took place in a town in the mountains of Judah, in Nazareth, in Bethlehem, in Egypt, in the temple of Jerusalem and the return trip to Nazareth, Cana, in Galilee , on Calvary and in the upper room in Jerusalem.
The opening scenes of the Annunciation occurred with the virginal conception of the Messiah and the last in Jerusalem worshiping his Son with the other disciples of the early church. His life began in the Bible concerning His Son also ended the same way, and always lived in his shadow.
So it derives its greatness as a mother, wife, virgin and handmaid of his close relationship with the Son who was conceived miraculously.AS A MOTHER OF OUR LORD put us an excellent example of Christian faith that deserves to be followed
Mary was, is and always will be a model of Christian faith for both women and men.HOW WAS THAT exemplary mother and model of faith? Your example can be analyzed in their relationship with God, with his family and others in the community.
YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GODShe was a woman of faith who prayed, worshiped and was very familiar with the Bible. Possibly he was in prayer in his house when the angel Gabriel appeared to him with the promise that she believed. But it definitely prayer at a time of personal crisis when he arrived at the house of Elizabeth, her cousin, shows that she was a woman of faith accustomed to prayer.His extensive prayer, the "Magnificat" (song and a prayer) in Luke 1:46-55, is both a meditation, a hymn of joy messianic and praise to God for his great power, holiness, mercy and faithfulness to her and her people.
EXPRESS YOUR JOY FOR BEING A SIMPLE BE EXALTED handcuffedA LONGER a poor carpenter becoming the mother of the Messiah.So it would be risky WELL FOR GENERATIONS
Then reverently refers to the story of redemption in connection with his people and God's purposes of salvation. But the central note revolves around God's mercy for the poor and humble of Israel.Furthermore, this sentence contains many quotations from the Old Testament it was the Bible. Especially is memorizing passages from the Psalms but also refers to the prophetic and historical books, the law, and wisdom. So Mary shows that had a full understanding of all Scripture. This is a good example for us all.
Demonstrated his FAITH IN WORSHIP. He obeyed the law taking Jesus to be circumcised and dedicated in the temple as a child. Also (Luke 2:41) makes clear that every year she obeyed the law traveling to Jerusalem for the Passover feast. If she did all this, we can not but think that going every Saturday at the synagogue to worship God in a community of faith and study the Scriptures.Another feature of his relationship with God was his humility and willingness to obey, even though God asked a very difficult thing for a young lady-Miss.The angel Gabriel appeared to him and told him he was going to conceive and give birth to a son. That was incomprehensible to her and did not live with a man. However, after listening, with a humble and obedient, bowed his head in submission to God, saying, "Behold, the handmaid of the Lord: be it unto me according to your word" (Luke 1:38).She was willing to risk his entire reputation and future marital happiness with her fiance - even more, she was willing to risk his own life, because the law of Moses allowed stoning women accused of adultery (and obviously not at first believe it Jose). But humbly wholeheartedly embraced the promise, and she devoted herself totally as a "slave" of God.
As exemplary mother accompanied her husband to the temple on the eighth day after birth his Son. The two went to the dedication and circumcision of Jesus in accordance with law and sacrificed two doves. BAPTISM WAS NOT FOR A CHILD BUT TO GIVE JESUS ​​GOD (Luke 2:21-32). Both parents were.This example clearly shows that religion is not just for women, children and the elderly. Both parents went every year even year at the age of twelve Jesus had enough years to join OFFICIALLY A RELIGION.
Then together to participate in the regular act of worship was one of the most important activities for the whole family, as did not send any of their children on their behalf, nor she was alone with her son, but were all members family together. So she was able to relate to the whole family so that all were involved.
She was a woman of faith who knew so much suffering without turning away from God. Not bitter, not blamed or cursed his Lord. Proved strong before the tribulation such as the name Mary in Hebrew.
SUFFERED BEFORE their nuptials threat of a divorceeAccording to the custom of the time, breaking a commitment to engagement required a formal divorce. She gave birth in a stable among animals away from home - not in a hospital with all medical care involved - and had its birth after a long journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, for more than one day maybe traveling up a donkey. Will that trip led labor pains and birth in Bethlehem? In that event did not occur as planned for the parents, but yes, according to the plans God had announced much earlier. What suffering!
As exiled had to flee to Egypt, a foreign country speaking another language and had other religious customs, because King Herod wanted to kill his son. And as if all that was not enough suffering, she lost her loving and devoted husband, moral support and protector of the family, earning the daily bread.Indeed, the Gospel of Luke mentions "parents" of Jesus as he already has 12 (Luke 2:41-50), but no mention of Joseph of Nazareth in the canonical Gospels during the public ministry of Jesus, so presumably died before it took place.
He was widowed, but thank God the Son Jesus was working to help with all matters of the family. But his son is special, the Son of promise, became a religious fanatic. So that left fan was within the home in Nazareth and traveled wherever publicly criticizing the religion of his mother, who at one time was the traditional religion of the family.So fanatical was a violent clash between the priests and religious leaders and Jesus was inevitable. Even when it seemed that his heart was broken by his son, accompanied the brothers of Jesus to talk to Jesus and put him right, but his son refused to publicly acknowledge her as his mother.Jesus said that those who did his will were his mother and siblings. What fanaticism! (Mark 3:32-35) "And the crowd was sitting around him said, Your mother and your brothers are outside seeking You. He answered them, saying, Who is my mother and my brothers? And looking at those who sat around him, and said, Behold my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of God is my brother, and my sister, and my mother. "But what started out his soul, was when the Roman soldiers arrested his son and famous, and he was sentenced to the death penalty.Like a common criminal was sentenced to a cruel and unjust death before the eyes of all, hung on a cross to die for the holy feast of Easter. Shame on the mother of Jesus! It had a life of work and family concerns why his faith was tested by sword, scandal, dissensions and contradictions. But despite having all these pains and anxieties God never left, never blamed him, never cursed, never bitter. Always knew suffer with humility and reverence. WHAT WE MOST BEAUTIFUL EXAMPLE! Come what may, love God like her.
YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR FAMILYHer relationship with her husband was irreproachable. Accompanied him into exile by Herod when they had to leave their homeland and live abroad for several years. And when he finally could return to Nazareth, he continued to be at his side.
He worked alongside him as a helper. As a carpenter perhaps Joseph had his workshop in your yard or in a room of the house and cooperation needed to repair it or make furniture, or perhaps to hold something to sawing, hammering or hitting the legs of furniture. If he worked in a Greek village nearby, she gladly preparing the essentials for your daily commute back and forth from the house. Perhaps due to old age Joseph had to do something that he no longer had the strength to do it alone. In this case it was always at his side, even to work with the demands of the imperial government of Rome. Accompanied him to Bethlehem in pregnancy status, or on foot or on a donkey, to register in the census, though in all probability Joseph could have complied with the provisions of the law without it. Also traveling with him to Jerusalem every year at the feast of the Passover, although the law required the presence only of men. UNIMPAIRED set an example as a wife.
DEAL WITH ALL YOUR FAMILY ALSO was irreproachable. He was a loving mother who trusted his Son. He did even when the child was a child and was only twelve years old. In undertaking the journey back to Nazareth after moving to the temple of Jerusalem, did not feel the need to always be watching him. He trusted Jesus, and although not seen, felt he was safe, he was a responsible young man. I thought the trailer was with other relatives, because they always proved to be reliable. But after a day, he discovered that he was not with them, for now Jesus showed to be more accountable to their Heavenly Father that his mother earth.
Even that experience distressing and unpleasant surprise at the time, with shock and inconvenience caused them, not destroy his confidence in his son, although he did meditate more in post (Luke 2:51). Jesus remained confident even though sometimes not understand him (Luke 2:50), and evidently did not disappoint again before reaching the age of thirty.At that age at a wedding in Cana, Jesus responded in a surprising way. She was confident that Jesus would solve the dilemma of the lack of wine, so taking their own initiative and no one asked him to intercede for them and because of their trust in Jesus and also his responsibility as a hostess at the wedding, asked for help .I was sure that would help. He had always helped in the past. Why should not he at the time? So she made a personal request, but Jesus' answer surprised him: "Jesus said: What you have with me, woman? Even my hour has not come. "No not even told" mother "but a woman, a nickname respectful but more impersonal (Jn 2:4).
And what did it mean that puzzling question? It was addressed to her undoubtedly due to a weakness of Mary as mother. How many mothers have wanted the umbilical cord is intact, obviously she was too slow in cutting, leaving your child in becoming independent as the Messiah, and Jesus could not wait any longer.It was thirty years old, he had little time to fulfill his mission in life. Quite frankly told him that he could not obey her, he could not always worry about the problems of his mother.YA REALLY HAD TO MEET YOUR BUSINESS OF HEAVENLY FATHER. He approached her final hour, but had not yet arrived. This same weakness was in it too when he accompanied the brothers of Jesus who believed that he had gone mad. Despite those words that hurt his heart, he remained confident in resolving the problem of the wedding, as demonstrated by his order he gave to his servants, the only order it in the Bible, "Do whatever he tells you "(John 2:5).
Despite this weakness was a woman who deserved the best possible care of his Son. Her motherly love, trust and loyalty would be rewarded in the end. When I was at the cross in the final throes of Jesus, his Son not deny, but remembered her amidst all the pain and suffering of both. She instructed the best "son" possible (John 19:26-27). And she deserved it, because I was really trusting in His Son - not in terms of being a child to solve personal and family problems, but as the Messiah promised to solve the problems of the sin of the world.If deserved to be honored for their loyalty to his son in the hour of his death, we too must honor her as an exemplary mother of faith and as the human environment through which the Lord God Jehovah caused his beloved son Jesus had flesh.

RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHEREspecially as a woman and mother, Christian issue highlighted the characteristic of being discreet with others. He remained silent almost hermetic about the virginal conception of Jesus. Not bragging or commented to anyone about the conversation with the angel and the Holy Spirit's work in it.He also took the precaution of calling Joseph "father" to talk about it with Jesus (Luke 2:48), and Jesus' brothers evidently believed it was also. Because of this discretion it, all the villagers of Nazareth believed that Joseph was the father of Jesus (John 6:42) and therefore identified him as the carpenter's Son (Matthew 13:55).She knew when to keep quiet and when to speak, knowing who to trust and who not. If he had spoken of that intimate experience, what people would have thought it? What was an adulteress? What had had an extramarital affair with a man, perhaps with a Roman soldier?
But yes, I knew who to disclose the most intimate secrets. The reported privately to Elizabeth, her cousin, during the three months she lived with her. However, this occurred in intimate and private confidence only several days after being on tape.
Apparently for years the most intimate family were the only ones who knew his secret. That and other things kept them in her heart (Lu 2:51). But after his most trusted knew. He trusted the Apostle Luke, Matthew and probably also because the two in their Gospels informed us. And so we realize the sensible example of this maiden discreet.
He was also a person willing to take responsibility as a leader in the community. So was available when held the wedding at Cana. Accepted the job of hostess, watching everything goes well at the reception. But when a problem arose, I knew where to turn to solve. We always gave the example of His Son to go get help for the problems of life and especially in marriage. It was at Cana where he proved he knew to give good advice and practical commands (John 2:5). Despite the cryptic reply of Jesus, without feeling offended, ordered workers to obey him in everything. This is advice and a mandate that we too must obey. Everything Jesus tells us we must fulfill in heart.
It was also a virtuous mother knew to do right decisions. Before marriage made the right decision to be the slave of God. Gave their free and obedient to conceive the Son of God, born this decision of a supreme act of faith. He made the right decision to be always beside Joseph. He made the right decision to communicate the problem came to Jesus.But the decision that undoubtedly was the most difficult of his life was to change his religion. Her parents had instilled in one faith and traditional religion. Religion was the mother of her family and her husband. She was raised in the religion of the whole family. But he had to make a decision to change his religion or reject His Son as Messiah, Lord and Savior.
Decided BUT WITH FAITH AND VALUE. Decided that he would only worship Jesus. So the last event recorded by Lucas on it, the last event of his life is written in the Bible, was the experience of associating with the new sect of Christians who gathered in the upper room after the resurrection of Jesus ( Acts 1:12-14). They were unanimous in prayer awaiting the Holy Spirit - not only she and other women and the apostles but also the brothers of Jesus.
She as a member of the new community of faith was obedient to the Messiah, awaiting the descent of the Spirit upon them to give them special power.
She also implored the prayers coming of the Holy Spirit in his life, although he had already covered it in a moment with his power as the angel Gabriel said (Luke 1:35).

YES, if we believe in the Virgin Mary. In Jesus' day was a unique woman. We definitely believe in it, but we do not accept the traditions of worship and setting Adore or candles.
WE BELIEVE EVERYTHING the apostles wrote in the biblical books under inspiration of the Holy Spirit. She was a great woman, a holy woman, blessed and virtuous.
How otherwise would God having chosen among all his relatives to be the mother of the Messiah, the Son of Man and Son of Jehovah God? Would God allow another kind of woman carrying the Messiah in her womb for nine months? She was a single mother, because he was chosen by God for a unique role in the history of redemption. No one else has had the privilege of carrying in her womb the Messiah of the world.
Yes, believe it was a great woman, a devoted mother and very humble and mother favored.Yes, it was a special servant of God, and we believe that we should imitate in our own lives.If everyone imitate her, we would have a much better world to live in, andIf all we saw her in these positive terms, more people who honor and are devoted to it would open their ears and hearts to obey his order and hear the whole gospel of Christ.Many of these people ask us if we believe in it feel more emotionally attached to it that theologically, and its contents Luke's Gospel is preferred to recommend for reading these people who love her.

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